Managing Exams

The Manage Exams tab is where exam parameters and settings can be set or changed, questions can be edited, results are managed, and reports can be accessed.

After you have created your exam, you can manage your exam by selecting the name and then hitting “Manage Selected Exam.”  For some settings, such as setting the dates and targeting your audience, multiple exams can be managed at once.  Below are the settings that are available under Manage Exams:

Exam Parameters and Settings

  • Test Information – This sub-tab holds the following settings and information:

Test Name:  displayed in a field that allows name to be edited.
Test ID:  the unique identifier assigned by Chi Tester.
Owner:  name of the instructor who holds privileges to the exam.
Available:  dates for the test run to begin and end; these dates are set and edited here.
Score Reduction:  an option for allowing tests to be taken past the preferred end date with an automatic deduction in points. 

  • Audience – This sub-tab allows you to select who will be allowed to take your exam.  You can target entire course sections and/or target individual students. Use the search bar to find sections or students.  You can search for courses by subject code such as MICR, course number, or by CRN. You can search for students by student number, first or last name.
  • Security – This sub-tab holds the following settings:Password:  If you want your exam to be password protected, enter it here.  This is normally only used for exams that are set to be available outside of a testing center.
    Global Delivery: Choose if your exam will be limited to users targeted in the audience tab, be available to anyone with an ID, or be open to anyone, even anonymous users.
    Privacy:  Option to make all responses confidential. 
  • Sites– This sub-tab allows you to select and limit the location where your exam is available. You can select as many sites as you wish. The “Everywhere Else” site will allow students access to the exam from any computer.
  • Questions– This sub-tab allows you set parameters related to question order (random or in order), whether students are allowed to go back in the exam, grading options related to short answer and multiple response questions, and whether or not to allow students to send you an email directly from the test.
  • Test Aids– This sub-tab allows you designate materials for students to use during a test in a testing center, such as scratch paper, open book, cue sheets, various types of calculators, restroom breaks, and to white list outside web sites that are allowed.
  • Feedback– This sub-tab is where you can post comments you want to display to the student at the end of the exam, based on their score.
  • Review– This sub-tab allows you to control if or when and where students can review exam questions after they complete the exam. Options include immediately after the exam, only after everyone has taken the exam, or for a limited period of time.
  • Alerts– This sub-tab allows you to create and send automatic reminders to your students that a test is about to open and/or about to close. A standard message is included, or a custom message can be created.
  • Sharing– This sub-tab allows you to share some or all of the management of your exam with another person, such as a TA or team teacher.
  • Consent– This sub-tab allows you to authorize testing personnel to make changes to your exam parameters if they have a situation that they deem appropriate.


  • Proofread and edit exam – in this application, questions and distrators can be added, edited, and rearranged. This is also where questions can be grouped by category and where learning outcomes are aligned.
  • Update questions – in this area, questions can be added to an exam or completely replaced with a new file upload.
  • Export exam text – this feature allows for a print out of all exam questions including answers and learning outcome alignments.
  • Print hard copy – this feature allows for printing a paper copy of an exam for review or administration offline.

Manage Results

  • Manage security exceptions – this section allows an instructor to set separate parameters for individual students, such as additional time, different test availability dates, or special location.
  • Manage selective release – this section allows an instructor to set another exam as a prerequisite, requiring students to complete exams in order.
  • Export results to the LMS gradebook – this section allows for sending Chi Tester results directly to a corresponding column in the LMS gradebook. Grades can be sent as points or as a percentage
  • Deleted Results – This section allows for un-archiving results from previous deliveries.