Chi Tester supports the ability to administer confidential course evaluations. 

Evaluations may be targeted by course, by instructor, by department, by college, or by institution.

Evaluations must be configured by a system administrator, however each instructor has access to their individual reports.  Department chairs have access to evaluations for instructors in their departments, and deans have access to evaluations for instructors and courses in their college.
Students will receive an email notice to their student email address to let them know that evaluations are open.
When students log in to Chi Tester, they will be presented with an announcement that says “Click here to complete your evals.”
The course subject code and number will display for each evaluation. (For example, COMM 2110 WSU Fall 13 1324683)
After the evaluation period is closed, instructors will be able to view their reports in Chi Tester. To view reports:

  • Log in to chitester.weber.edu with your university credentials
  • Click on the “Evals” tab
  • On the “My Reports” tab there the link to your report will be labeled with our course section

If you would like a preview of what these reports look like, click on the “Shared Evals” tab to see reports that instructors have chosen to share for others to view.