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 A GIF image  of a parabola (that is, a graph or drawing of a parabola) will be added to question 3 when it is edited in Chi Tester.
1. Mary has two more apples than Jane. Heather has twice as many apples as Jane. Mary has 8 apples. How many apples does Heather have?
ans: 12; dozen
category: word problem
correct: very good

(Comment: This is a short answer type question. When graded, either 12 or dozen will be counted as correct. Feedback is provided only if student answers question correctly.)

2. Which of the following curves are conic sections?
a. hyperbola
b. french
c. ellipse
d. parabola
e. spline
ans: a,c,d
incorrect: Study the chapters on conic sections again.
a. Yes.  See conic section from Chapter 5.
b: A french curve is not a conic section.
c. Yes.  See conic section from Chapter 4.
d. Yes.  See conic section from Chapter 3.
e: A spline is not a conic section.
weight: 3
category: analytic geometery

(Comment: This is a multiple response type question and will be counted as correct only if student selects all three of the required answers because  the string ans: a, c, d separates the distractors with commas. If they had been separated by semi-colons, then the answer would have been counted as correct if any one of the three correct responses had been selected. Feedback is provided for the distractor selected by the student. The value of the question is 3 times greater than was question 1.)

3. This is the graph of which function?
a. x^2 – y^2 – 20
b. 3x – 7
c. x^3 – 12
d. y^2 + x^3 – 31
e. 3x^2 + 7x – 12
ans: e
weight: 2
category: analytic geometry

(Comment: This is a multiple choice type question. Only one distractor is the correct answer. There is no feedback to the student. Note the use of carat (^) to indicate exponents since HTML does not support subscripts and superscripts.)

4. Which would you prefer for this course?
a. more tests and less homework than usual
b. fewer tests and more homework than usual
c. more tests and more homework than usual
d. fewer tests and less homework than usual
e. the usual amount of tests and homework
ans: multiple choice
category: evaluation

(Comment: This is a multiple choice type survey question and is unscorable. The student will only be able to pick one distractor for their answer. The question will not be scored as correct or incorrect but the answer will be recorded and included in instructor’s report. This is typically used in survey, assessment, or evaluation settings). 

5. Which topics do you need some additional help on?
a. solving equations
b. graphing functions
c. story problems – deriving equations from real situations
d. quadratic equations
e. logarithms
ans: multiple response
category: evaluation

(Comment: This is a multiple response type question. Student may select more than one distractor as his or her answer. See the comment in question 4, above)

6. Describe one situation in which this course has helped you solve a real world problem.
ans: essay
category: word problem

(Comment: This is an essay type question. Note that, with the exception of the answer descriptor — here, ans:essay — the other components (i.e., weight, feedback, category) are optional.)