Instructor Guide

In this guide, you will find information for creating exams, editing exams, adding media files – such as images, audio, and embedded video – managing your exams, and creating reports. 

The Instructor Guide is divided into the following sections:


  • Creating Exams  –  In this section you will find a step-by-step guide to creating an exam.   Included are screen shots to help you navigate setting up an exam for the first time.  An explanation of the syntax needed if you wish to upload a test that has already been created in a word processing application is also included.

Proofread and Edit  – Once your exam is created, questions may be added or edited in this interface.  If desired, an “empty” test can be created and then all test questions can be added using this easy to use graphical user interface.  If you wish to add media, group questions by category,  or align questions to learning outcomes, you do that in Proofread and Edit.
Question Types – Chi Tester supports five questions types: Multiple choice, multiple response, short answer, essay, and matching.
Feedback -Comments from the instructor can be placed into the exam to provide either instant feedback during the exam or feedback during review.

  • Learning Outcomes  – Questions can be aligned to standards.  Options available include sets of standards created by the instructor and/or standards shared within a department or institution.  This section will explain how to align questions to these learning outcomes.
  • Managing ExamsThis tab in Chi Tester holds the majority of exam settings and parameters.  This section will explain setting test dates, targeting exams to course sections, choosing where your exam will be available, setting permissions for test aids including external web links, allowing for test exceptions, grading, and exporting results to your Learning Management System (LMS).
  • Reporting Features This section explains each of the report types available once your exam run is complete.  These include an Instructor Report, a Student Report, a Category Report,  Item Analysis, and Test Analysis, which includes Kuder-Richardson 20, standard deviation, and Overall Test Statistics.
  • Evaluations -If your institution uses the Chi Tester Course Evaluation system, you will be able to review student responses for each of your courses.  This section explains the reports available to instructors.
  • Syntax ExamplesThis section shows proper syntax examples for each of the question types.  This is the syntax needed for a complete test upload as explained in the Creating Exams section above.
  • Sample Test – Upload – An example is included here of an entire exam with multiple question types as it would appear ready to upload to Chi Tester.