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Frequently Asked Questions

I received an error saying I lost network connection during my test.
First, do NOT close the browser. The error message will direct you to go back and continue your test. The answers are saved in your browser’s cookies and can be retrieved by Chi Tester if the internet doesn’t come back. Once you finish, review the test to see if your answers were saved. If they weren’t, then contact your instructor and explain the situation. They will either let you retake it or contact Chi Tester.

I can’t take my test and I can’t get a hold of my instructor.
If your test is unavailable to you and you can’t contact your instructor then call Chi Tester Support: (801) 626-6477. Depending on the situation we might be able to help. However, in most cases, we will need the instructor’s consent.

The testing center can’t find my test.
If the testing center can’t find your test by searching under your name, then have them search for your instructor’s name instead. If they still can’t find your test, then please call Chi Tester Support: (801) 626-6477.

My username and password are not working.
Log into the eWeber Portal and click on the ChiTester app.

If you are unable to log into the portal, please contact the IT Service Desk at 801-626-7777

If are able to log into the portal but are unable to log in when clicking the ChiTester app:
1. Try a different web browser.  ChiTester runs best in Google Chrome and Firefox. Make sure you are using the latest version downloaded.
2. Contact ChiTester support at 801-626-6477